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A story for a lifetime

One of the painted ladies is open this weekend for an estate sale. Just imagine, for the rest of your life you will be able to tell your friends and family that   you’ve been in one of those homes and describe in detail what you saw. Not only that but you might be able […]

Friends of Crown Beach and Why YOU Need to Donate.

By now I’m sure most of you have heard about the plans to build high density housing on the parcel that was once owned by the GSA across from Crab Cove. In 2008 the voters of Alameda passed Measure WW to rezone the area from residential housing to open space for the expansion of East […]

What’s the market up to?

As I suspected there are 20 homes available in Alameda dropping from 27 last week. By the end of the week it should be under 20, offers were due on a couple Wednesday and I’m sure they just haven’t been ratified yet or updated in the MLS. A majority of the homes are 3+ bedrooms with […]

  • Community Events

    Group Circuit Training

    Circuit Training @ Underground Fitness

    Are you ready to get a good workout

    Play Date in the Redwoods

    Sol Mamas | Baby-Friendly Outdoor Fitness, Fun & Travel

    Sol Mama, Aileen, is hosting this play date in Roberts Recreational Area. It's a beautiful, clean park with a great play structure for the kids as well as clean grass for lounging. Parking here is $5, but if you are willing to take a short...

    Alameda East Bay Successful Thinkers Lunch & Learn

    Alameda / East Bay Successful Thinkers

    Each week Alameda East Bay Successful Thinkers unites small businesses from all across the Bay Area by providing a unique atmosphere to meet potential customers, create a referral base and mastermind with others to find solutions to business...

    Upcycle Sewing Summer! THIS Thursday, 1 to 5 pm

    Upcycle Fashionista! (Island Style)

    ***** Please RSVP here. And please remember to donate. ***** Let's get together and upcycle sew! Join us to get inspired by others' ideas, use our collected fabric and clothes, learn some new sewing tips, and share your ideas, fabric and tips....