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1400 Park St

This address has been quite the talk of the town lately and here’s some information about its origins that will help you appreciate its past and place in Alameda. It was built in 1887 as a commercial building initially with only one floor with second floor added in 1902. The original builder was J. H. […]

The first Alameda Festival?

I was thinking about Alameda and all the things that we do to celebrate our great city. Whether its the Art and Wine festival, the 4th of July Parade or the Webster St/Peanut Butter/Neptune Jam festival we always see to come together and make the community an even better place to live.  So I got […]

A story for a lifetime

One of the painted ladies is open this weekend for an estate sale. Just imagine, for the rest of your life you will be able to tell your friends and family that   you’ve been in one of those homes and describe in detail what you saw. Not only that but you might be able […]

Friends of Crown Beach and Why YOU Need to Donate.

By now I’m sure most of you have heard about the plans to build high density housing on the parcel that was once owned by the GSA across from Crab Cove. In 2008 the voters of Alameda passed Measure WW to rezone the area from residential housing to open space for the expansion of East […]

  • Community Events

    OACC at Off the Grid: Uptown! (October)
    10-20-14 6:30 pm - Moon Rabbit Ayurveda
    Oakland Asian Cultural Center

    OACC will be at Off the Grid: Uptown on Telegraph and 19th on the third Monday of each month! The event will last from 5pm-9pm, and OACC will be tabling until 8pm. Be sure to come to the event and say hi as you grab some yummy food! Off the Grid...

    Futsal - Monday Night - 5v5 (outdoor turf)
    10-20-14 6:30 pm - Moon Rabbit Ayurveda
    East Bay Pickup Soccer

    - play with a futsal ball - 5v5 maximum per game - beautiful new outdoor turf field - small 4 ft x 6 ft goals without goal keeping - hone your technical and tactical skills - have fun in a small sided game with...

    Foreclosures 101! Short Sales, REO's, Auctions, and Pre-Foreclosure!
    10-20-14 6:30 pm - Moon Rabbit Ayurveda
    Connected Real Estate Investors in Oakland

    Foreclosures 101! Where have ALL OF THE FORECLOSURES GONE? How about the REO's? or the Short Sales? I know where they have gone! Shadow Inventory! Hedge Funds! and I know how to get them! READ this article from DS News this July!...

    Oakland Monday Night Meditation
    10-20-14 6:30 pm - Moon Rabbit Ayurveda
    Bay Area - Meditation for Busy People with Active Minds

    New and experienced meditators welcome! If you already have a style of meditation you have studied and practice, we invite you to practice in that way. If you are new to meditation, instruction will be provided. We will do a silent 20-minute sit...