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Quick Market Summary midway through Q1

Quick Market Snapshot: There are only 15 Single Family Homes available. This is about half of what the average inventory has been for the last couple of years. The impact is an average listing price of $1,064,000 and a median listing price of $889,000. Out of the 15 homes available only three are priced under […]

Alameda Food Bank Turkey Shortfall – Your help is needed

I am very honored to be mentioned in the article but the call to attention means nothing if we can’t collectively come together as a community to help those in need this Holiday Season. In addition to turkeys and fixings, the Alameda Food Bank is also short on volunteers. Please click the link to read […]

1400 Park St

This address has been quite the talk of the town lately and here’s some information about its origins that will help you appreciate its past and place in Alameda. It was built in 1887 as a commercial building initially with only one floor with second floor added in 1902. The original builder was J. H. […]

The first Alameda Festival?

I was thinking about Alameda and all the things that we do to celebrate our great city. Whether its the Art and Wine festival, the 4th of July Parade or the Webster St/Peanut Butter/Neptune Jam 😛 festival we always see to come together and make the community an even better place to live.  So I […]

  • Community Events

    Giving back (part 3): food sorting at the Alameda County Food Bank

    Get me out of the house (on weekdays)!

    To the food bank! We will be sorting and packing up fresh produce and/or nonperishables. Please be on time. The shift is about three hours; if you need to leave early, that is fine.  (I plan to schedule one food bank outing per month, and will...

    Group Circuit Training

    Circuit Training @ Underground Fitness

    Women's FĂștbol Training Clinic

    Women's Soccer Training Clinics - Grand Lake FĂștbol

    Soccer clinics by Grand Lake FĂștbol! Grand Lake FĂștbol's philosophy is to create a positive environment where players from all backgrounds will find their passion for the game, become strong athletes, and develop as members of our community....

    Interested in Affordable Mentoring that Really Works!?

    Connected Real Estate Investors in Oakland

    I have OVER 20 Years working with Agents, Lenders & Investors Increasing their Income! 20% to 50% to over 100% is VERY Common!  IF YOU HAVE MONEY, THEN LET's Make an appointment, NOT Hiring me as YOUR PERSONAL MENTOR Could be Costing YOU...